Tough loss, but a great season!

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Saved By The Bell Reunion on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon


Dr. Oz on The Breakfast Club

Feb 9, 2016

It was a good run...

My first ever and probably only Hip Hop Blog...

Shortly after I launched this blog in 2014, I realized that maintaining a website like this requires far too much time and attention.  Instead, I have decided to keep my presence on the web and love for hip hop alive, but instead transition back to the personal blog world.


See y'all there! =)

Feb 23, 2015


Who's pumped?! I am! Haha

I feel honored that Seattle gets to kick off Cole's tour this time and last year we got to end it!

And who is really, really ready for this DIPSET reunion tour though??!!

Feb 17, 2015

Big Sean Feat. Jhene Aiko - Win Some, Lose Some [NEW MUSIC]

Feb 12, 2015

Conan & Steven Yuen (Walking Dead) Take A Trip To The Korean Spa! [HILLARRRIIIOOUSSSSS]
My coworker just put me on to this clip from Conan and I can't help, but share because this sh*t if funny AF! lol

"Is this where they autopsy dolphins?!"

I don't think I can ever go to a Korean Spa thanks to this...haha!

Feb 5, 2015

TBT: Saved By The Bell 2015 - The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
This ain't even hip hop related, but did y'all catch the Saved By The Bell skit on Jimmy Fallon last night?


Zach, Kelly, Jessie and AC looked damn near the same as decades ago! (life goals) That's what I call some good genes...ha! What is Mario Lopez on? He has the most flawless skin! Lol

Feb 3, 2015

Fuck, That’s Delicious: Roasted in Santa Monica W/ Action Bronson

Not only is Action Bronson a skilled lyricist, but he is also a certified chef!  (he started really rapping after he slipped and hurt himself while at work being a chef - career shift)  That interesting fact alone makes watching series like this even more entertaining.

He's had a few different specials with Vice TV, but F*ck, That's Delicious is my favorite!

In this episode of Fuck, That’s Delicious, we head to the land of juice bars and drive-by’s: California. While in the Golden State, we check in with The Alchemist during a recording session, catch a culinary performance at the Odd Future Carnival, and get some Hollywood power lunch tips from Simon Rex at Ink. As if all that isn’t enough, Action meets up with B-Real for tacos on the East Side, and then balances it all out with a spectacular cauliflower recipe.


Feb 2, 2015

LMAO: Kevin Hart & Will Ferrell Lipsync Battle

Us Seahawks fans all woke up today with a bitter taste from a horrible loss last night, BUT...
Will Ferrell with that Drunk in Love performance is sure to put anyone in a good mood! Haha!