Sep 23, 2013

DMX & Dr. Phil?


Seattle, WA
2pm M - F

Seattle, WA
9pm M - F

Dog for liiiifffee! I won't be missing this! lol...DMX has the most entertaining'll be interesting to see how this all goes down...

Taken from Dr. Phil's website:
"Controversial rapper DMX opens up to Dr. Phil about his longtime battle with drug addiction, his erratic behavior and multiple headline-making arrests — so many, he admits he has lost count. How does he explain his most recent arrest for marijuana possession and a streaking incident in a hotel hallway that was caught on tape? Is he still using drugs? And, what — if anything — would he change about his past? Then, the rapper, who has 11 children, including seven out of wedlock and another on the way, is in the midst of a divorce after 14 years of marriage, and he’s filed for bankruptcy. What does he say led to his personal and financial problems? Is DMX really troubled or just misunderstood? Plus, tune in to hear why the performer did not want his mother to appear on the show."


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