Oct 16, 2013

BET Cyphers

One of the biggest events in hip hop every year is the BET Cypher...some may disagree, but everyone talks about this for weeks and the debate is serious!

Digital All Stars: Astro grew up and is nice with it! I feel like if Asia didn't sound so nervous her verse would've been stronger

Jon Conner & friends: Wax & Conner killed it, Rhapsody was solid

A$AP Mob: wasn't really feeling their lil group hook but I did enjoy the fact they looked like they were having hella fun...rapping was decent...I fuck with Rocky & Ferg

Lil Kim & friends: Bronson is always nice, not feelin Star...on the cipher at least or Travis cause it didnt even sound like he was trying, I'll pass on Tiffany Foxx...not Lil Kim's best but I'll always fuck with her

Slaughterhouse: Already a given that they were gonna kill it. Strongest lyrical group in the biz right now. Joell got fit!
"So if I'm choosin where to aim it'll be his head/just to kill whoever's nice now chivalry is dead"

TDE: They got the best beat! Kdot is a beast man...that high five tho LOL...I never heard of Isaiah Rashad TBH but I like his flow and will look out for him in the future...Q & Ab were nice as usual

And last but not least...
THE REAL HUSBANDS OF HOLLYWOOD: lmfao...that's some good rappin for just playin round...Nick Cannon had some punches LOL and Boris really rapped in German hahha man..."Now look at me *cough *cough that means I'm  sick" hahahah


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