Oct 22, 2013

C.S.I.L.T. (crazy shit I learned today) 10.22.13

A man who did not reserve a chapel ON HIS WEDDING DAY phoned in a bomb threat instead of just facing his wife with the news. He was arrested and sentenced to 12 months. What an idiot!! Read more HERE.

Nun in training gives birth in secret, then smothers her baby to death. She did not want her fellow nuns to know she had broken the rules and had a sexual encounter. How the hell did she go 9 months covering this baby up though!?!!?(This is a few days old) Read more HERE.

Toby Sheldon, a songwriter from LA spends $100k on plastic surgery to look like JUSTIN BIEBER. You think 100k could at least make you look a little like JB...this fool looks nothing like him, STILL. SMDH...this dude is wild! Read more HERE.


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