Oct 23, 2013

C.S.I.L.T. (crazy shit I learned today) 10.23.13

A women sleepwalks and falls on subway tracks, but is saved by folks around her. Mannnnnnnn...she is so lucky, for real!! Glad to see these people all rush to help her and work together. It's nice to see some good people in the world As for this lady -- she might not want to travel alone...at least why tired/drowzy...

A 3 year old boy wrapped up so tightly in a blanket that he DIES. Yeah, WTF?!!! Apparently, his care takers wrapped him up and tied the ends down to constrain him as a disciplinary action. SMDH Read more HERE.

At a funeral service, a family was shocked to see that the person in the casket WAS NOT THIER FAMILY MEMBER. Shit, can you imagine that happening to you!?? I would be crazy mad and devestated at the same time. SMDH Read more HERE.


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