Oct 18, 2013

Fuck Nick Cannon?

So Nick Cannon just dropped this new song called "Fuck Nick Cannon". I've never been a fan of Nick lyrically, but it does sound like he's been practicing (lol)! I don't think that the visual for this song fits well with the tone of the track, but then again, if he came out with some grimey, gutta video it just wouldn't be right. (lol)

"If a hater saw me walking on water, they'd say he can't swim" -- true statement! Nick gets mad hate for just being him. I don't know if it's because people think he's trying to be something he's not or if it's lack of fitting a certain "mold" for rapping or maybe because they're jealous of his success? I respect his business hustle, but I don't think he's ever be able to get respect musically. Sad, but true.

Do you think Nick Cannon can ever come out from under Mariah's shadow and be taken seriously in this music world?


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