Oct 23, 2013

New Cuts

One major thing I love about Hip Hop music is the diversity. There's so many different styles that can fit to anyone's preference.

Juvenile - Mind Right

Taking over for the 99 and 2000...

Tyga feat. Justin Bieber

Man..I can't even front...I've been fuckin with the tracks JB been comin out with lately

Rick Ross - Royals

Did he do the song justice?

Lecrae - I'm Turnt

This sound like some bay area music! Lecrae can spit, but it just feels awkward to me to see a christian rapper talkin bout how he's "turnt" lol...iono man

Freeway & Jacka feat. Freddie Gibbs & Jynx

I didn't even know Freeway & Jacka fucked with each other like that! I've always thought Freeway was nice and it's interesting to see him collaborate and mesh styles with a bay area artist like Jacka... I don't know how much I like him on this beat though...

Gunplay feat. Don Lennon - BodyBag Musik

Guttttaaaaaa grimey shit....love it! Ha!

Nacho Picasso - Crime Waves

I see big things in the future for this dude... Seattle!

Skyzoo - Made Men

This got that good ol' 90s type flow

Justin Bieber - Hold Tight

This ain't even rap and I ain't even a JB fan really but man...you gotta admit this is dope track...haha


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