Nov 1, 2013

Life and Hip Hop Interviews: Kris Kasanova

Brooklyn native, BET Music Matters artist, Hot 97 approved, XXL and Source mag recognized. Kris Kasanova is definitely a talent on the rise that is bound to blow up!

His latest mixtape, 24k is a combination of dope production and consistent lyrical skill. A great project from start to finish. He also has features by Flatbush Zombies and Seattle's own Jarv Dee!

If you love that real hip hop then you'd appreciate an artist like this. Hungry and passionate...that's that shit we do like! Peep the short interview to learn more about this talented artist!

Keep up:
You can download 24K HERE.

Give us a little background on yourself…

I'm an artist out of Red Hook Brooklyn, I started rapping at a young Pops was an artist so I inherited the love for music from him. I dropped three projects...the long way home, Warpaint, and 24K.

What sets your work apart from others in your field/genre?

What sets me apart is the passion. There's not a lot of people that follow their dreams around my way because of the lack of passion. So I do it for them and carry that passion and intensity that I believe is missing from lot of artists.

How are you able to stay motivated? What continues to inspire you despite negative opinions?

Some days are harder than others but I get motivated by hanging around a lot of people who are motivated. I Know that all the greats went through a lot of negative energy to get where they are now so I'm no exception. also my son motivates me... just trying to give him a better life and a better future motivates me to work harder.

Whose music are you bumping?

I'm pumping Jarv Dees guy out in Seattle. Justin Rose who produced brain on drugs for me and my youngin from around my way Klover Field.

What is your view on the state of Hip Hop currently?

It's in a weird state...I just think everyone is trying to figure out their next move and planning on how they want to impact the game. I feel like a lot of artist are getting comfortable. when you get comfortable you lose the hunger and that's never a good thing.

Who is the "King of New York"?


Your last meal on earth would consist of…

My grand mom's banana pudding...that's all I need.


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