Nov 13, 2013

Not supporting real talent and good music

New York is always buzzing because of it's reputation of being the focal point of hip hop so Trinidad James stirred up some commotion on twitter with this one, especially with Elliott Wilson (famed hip hop journalist), Charlamange The God (The Breakfast Club) and Ebro Darden (program director for Hot 97). It sparked a great debate this morning and influced a lot of thoughts.div>

Whatever is played on radio, seen in magazines or watched on TV is based upon what people WANT to hear and see. These major platforms are all dependant on what sells and what brings in ratings. So if your favorite "underground" artist that you think is more skilled than people mainstream isn't getting the "shine" you think they deserve, you can't blame it on specific networks and people. It is all a result of what society thinks is good enough to get the attention. The only thing you can do as a supporter is promote the artist and their music. Everything else is out of your control...unless you have special powers then you might have a chance.


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