Dec 5, 2013

Life And Hip Hop Interviews: Leaf $MBM$

Leaf is an up-and-coming artist out of New York who has been recently making a buzz with her new single, "Sugar Mama" featuring Action Bronson.  You may just now be hearing about her, but Leaf has been in the game for a minute.  She released a music video featuring Sky Blu of LMFAO in 2011 and has since then released various songs and a mixtape titled, Naked Wasted. She raps, sings writes and looks gorgeous while doing it!  Peep the interview below to learn about her MBM Movement, how she linked up with Action Bronson and more! 

Keep up with Leaf:

Give us a little background on yourself… (Where you’re from, how you got started, etc.)

I grew up in New York between Manhattan & bk. I knew music was the only thing for me to do because it's the only thing I ever loved. I started recording music when I was 13/14 in my friends closet with a pro tools starter kit. Now I'm still recording in home studios but with my friend Stelios from GQ & other great producers. I got started in a rock band in middle school & then from there just started exploring different genres of music. It's always a process finding who you are as an artist and as a person in general and I'm just really glad that my fans have grown with me & supported the process.

Explain the MBM movement…

MBM started off from a simple conversation that I had with my homie Brandun Deshay, I was complaining about how there was a lack of unity with girls & how I want to meet other girls like myself who were ambitious and intelligent. He told me that he thought of me as a magnet bc I always attract positive situations & people into my life so I made that the name of my movement, Magnet Bitch Movement. It's kind of like a reminder to myself to only keep magnetic bitches like me around & of course real supports real so I gotta show girls love. #MBM

What do you enjoy doing more – rapping or singing?

I really can't say. I started off writing poetry & grew up listening to hip hop. Most people say they like me singing better but that only makes me work harder at my rapping. The best is yet to come & I have gotten so much better at both & only continue to grow as an artist. However singing is my heart and will forever be the basis of my life.

How did the Action Bronson feature on your song “Sugar Mama” come about? How was the experience?

I actually was surprised that he was so down to jump on it. I really love Bronson he is the truth. He is one of the only rappers out right now that I feel puts on an actual performance & his rapping is superb. I met him a couple of times but didn't think he remembered who I was honestly then I walked by him in the west village one day & he was like "Wassup Leaf" so after a few more run ins I sent him the song & he thought it was dope so we just moved from there. He's definitely a genuine ass person.

What do you have cookin’ up in the lab right now? What should we be on the look-out for?

Well, after I release a single or 2 more I'm going to drop my EP "QueenOfHeart". Also I'm cheffin up some fire ass videos, so I can't wait to release those. I really put my heart into this tape.

Your last meal on earth would consist of…

I once ate at this restaurant in Nice, France. I would die there. Honestly just a cup of Earl Grey tea with this fresh honey they have.

Check out these Leaf videos below and see why L&HH supports her!


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