Mar 26, 2014


This is the first time I've heard of it, but today is offically Nike Air Max Day. My personal favorites are the 95s, 90s, 97s and the 1s, but all the Air Maxes are dope! What are yours?

Since we're on the topic of Air Maxes, I would like to tell you the history of my Air Max collection.

I started collecting in 8th grade with my first pair being the cocaine white AM 90s. I had purchased these shoes from the Footaction in Southcenter Mall which no longer exists and once I placed them on my feet in the store, I was hooked! I stunted in those kicks! I went to school in a city that wasn't up on Nike & Jordan or fashion for that matter, so I was the only female rockin' Air Maxes in my middle school. People would be like, "Those are tight! Where'd You get those from?" I felt so proud. (LOL) My collection slowly started to grow from then on. (slowly because I was broke...haha!)

My next significant purchase was in 10th grade. The neon green AM 95s were hella popular and I had to have a pair because I wanted to fit in so bad. I saved up all my money from my birthday, holidays and doing chores and was determined to copp. LOL I got bopped a.k.a. overpaid at Sneaker City in downtown Seattle, but I was so damn happy. The struggles of a sneakerhead.

The pair I regret selling the most are my gold 97s as seen in the picture to the left. I hate that damn buyers remorse. Another side effect of being a "sneaker head". Ahh well, someone off in Far Rockaway, NY is enjoying them! Haha

In present day, my Air Max collection isn't what it used to be after selling off a large portion, but my love for them still remains!


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  1. I didn't even know there was such a thing lol smh. but air max 95's in neon are my absolute faves <3<3