Mar 13, 2014

THROWBACK THUR$DAY: Smilez & Southstar, Homey The Clown, Pogs & Slammers

MUSIC: Smilez & Southstar - "Tell Me"
Love, hate, mistakes...LOLThis was my cut back then, but too bad the duo left their mark in history as a One Hit Wonder...

COMEDY: In Living Color was one of those shows I wasn't allowed to watch at a young age because it was
inappropriate", but I still snuck around and watched it late at night when everyone was asleep...haha! One of my favorite characters was Homey D/The Clown..."HOMEY DON'T PLAY THAT!"

ITEM OF THE PAST:  Pogs! You 90's kids will remember this for sure! Don't forget the slammers and the pog cases you would decorate/personalize with by tagging your name or putting stickers all over...HAHA...I remember having pog battles during class in elementary and getting them taken away by the teacher because they were too disruptive. LOL Those were the days!

Shoutout to whoever posted this pic originally!!  You brought back a lot of memories with this one! LOL 


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