May 1, 2014

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Beanie Man & Janet Jackson, Miss Swan, The Oregon Trail (game)

MUSIC: Beanie Man Feat. Janet Jackson - Feel It Boy
One of the most feel good songs to date! Janet lended her smooth vocals to the island vibes and made it a perfect combination to Beanie Man's Reggae rhymes.

Miss Swan was one of Mad Tv's most notable characters. Although her exact ethnicity was unclear, Miss Swan was funny as hell! LOL
"No, No that's me, My name is George Washington" Haha

ITEM OF THE PAST: The Oregon Trail
Back in my early years of elementary, whenever we headed to the computer lab, one this was gauranteed; we would play The Oregon Trail. I personally hated this game, never really understood how to play and and did not learn one damn thing. I had this trick where I would always act confused and the teacher always ended up giving me the answers to everything. lmao... Who remembers this? My 80's babies know wussup!


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