Oct 22, 2014

It's been a minute...

It's been a minute, I know, but I'm finally back to good ol' blogging!  My 9-5 presented a huge road block for a while, but now my lane is clear and I'm full throttle! (Corny, ha!)

Initially, the dream for this blog was that of something similar to RapRadar or HNHH, but I've come to realize that the time and effort it takes to maintain a website of that caliber is more than I can provide.  And to be completely honest, I don't like the pressure that it brings!  So, as of today, this blog is more of a personal diary of music, videos, stories, etc. that interest me and seem worthy to document.  You can still look to my website as a source of new and great content, but now that content is completely catered to my interests only.  It's all me!

Song on constant replay at the moment: Nas - NY State of Mind (after seeing him in concert last Wednesday - amazing experience)


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