Oct 23, 2013


If you didn't already know, Banksy is a famous Graffiti artist that has yet to reveal his identity and spreads his art across the world. I don't know if Banksy's identity is a single person or an persona played by different artists, but it's a crazy mystery that no one has been able to figure out for years.

Any ways, his name has been making a huge buzz in NYC lately and has even caught the attention of The Mayor who does not approve of the artwork. Banksy posted this pic on his website today:

Taken from www.Banksyny.com
Can the NYPD & Mayor Bloomberg let Banksy live and do what he does??!! His artwork doesn't hurt nobody.

There's vandalism(spraying "fuck you" over a sign) and then there's graffiti ART(spending a meaningful amount of time creating something unique and beautiful through skill/talent). I hate when people can not differentiate the two.


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