Oct 18, 2013

BigGhostNahMean reviews the BET Cyphers

Big Ghost is my most FAVORITE blog personality! He is funny as shit! Peep his review of The BET Cyphers...HILLARIOUS! LOL


"Ayo whattup…you now back in the presence of the illustrious Broccoli Bundles aka the mighty Hands of Zeus aka the imperial Cocaine Biceps aka Thor Molecules the great aka Phantom Raviolis the panty melter aka Shampoo Bracelets aka Volcano Hands aka Spartacus Deluxe etc etc… Whattup world… You already kno what it is… Its that time of year again where all the best n all the most never heard of rappers in the world get to share the spotlight as equals n we separate the mice from the men. Ey’body got a fair shot at dominatin so even if you that nigga from West Bubble Fuck, Iowa most niggas plan they bathroom breaks around while watchin this shit…you can still outshine the nigga who was jus gracin the cover of Vibe last month. Not to be a hater yo…but 95% of the time those niggas jus blow they opportunity to utilize this shit to the fullest. Or maybe niggas jus aint that impressive to begin wit nahmean..."

Just a sample of this entertaining writing...read the rest HERE!!


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