Oct 14, 2013

CSILT (Crazy Shit I Learned Today) 10.10.13

• A teacher was stabbed by her daughter’s baby daddy AT RECESS IN FRONT OF HER STUDENTS! WTF! Not only did these poor children witness this horrific act, but the teacher also died in front of them // more of the story HERE
• Dude gets shot and before he heads to a medical facility to tend to his wounds he decides to take 2 shots of liquor at the bar -___- who the fuck? Lol// more of the story HERE
• The struggle is real: Detroit as a city is bankrupt but professional baseball players are making up to $148 million…public money that could be going to city jobs will be going into a pot to build a new stadium to support the only thriving industry in the city…sad // more of the story HERE


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