Oct 24, 2013

Throwback Thursday

Instead of posting pictures of myself, I've decided to dedicate this post to things from back in the day that I thought were the shit.

Gameboy Light in GOLD
Man...when my parents bought this for me one Christmas, I felt like I was the shit! Gold has always been filthy to me so when I came up in school secretly flashing this around I felt like a bawssee! I think the game I played on this was like pokemon or something...lmao

DunkaroosI LOVED me some Dunkaroos!!! I hadn't seen this snacks since middle school then randomly heard that Grocery Outlet was selling them!! LOL That was some time last year and since then I've never seen another box! :(

I watched the best shows on these nights -- Family Matters, Boy Meets World, Dinosaurs! I loved me some Dinosaurs though LOL ...I miss these nights where I didn't

All That
My most favorite show as a youngin probably because it reminded me so much of In Living Color, but was much more appropriate for my age. Ha! Baggin Saggin Berry, Superdude, Repair Man, Ask Ashley, and the convenience store sketches were classic. I miss good TV like this!!!

POGs & Slammers
I was the POG queen in elementary! No one was touching my POG game! LOL I remember I had such a crazy collection and I really went HAM on "battling" with these. Hahahah! Remember them plastic containers that you'd store them in though?!?!? LOL I had mad colors

Not the TV show, but the game that determined the compatability of you and your crush, your future career and whether or not you ended up in a mansion or shack...LMAO...y'all remember this game right?!?! I was all about this!

That's all for this week's Throwback Thursday! Check back next week to see what other shit used to be crackin back in the day. LOL


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