Nov 5, 2013

C.S.I.L.T. (crazy shit I learned today)

Today is election day! For those who ain't up on this whole voting thing, you really should educate yourself more on who is running your state! It's probably a little too late, but next year you should definitely participate if you care about what changes are made in your local communities.

A women gets her head chopped off and the video shows up on Facebook! Yeah, WTF?! So basically a cold ass murder was committed and thousands of people ended up watching it on a social networking site. Read more HERE

A 20-year-old man walked into a Paramus, NJ mall and started shooting his riffle, but managed not to harm any people. They found him dead in a back room. They are calling it a suicide attempt. Read more HERE.

Two 15-year-old kids broke into a Denver middle school with BB guns and tried to steals items throughout the classrooms. They did get caught and confessed to trying to break into an elementary school right before. Yo, wtf? These little kids need some serious guidance!! Read more HERE


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