Nov 12, 2013

HATE IT OR LOVE IT: The Current State Of Hip Hop In My Eyes

We live in an age where people want instant hits.  There's less focus on lyrical talent, style and overall skill because all folks want to hear is melodic, catchy hooks and stuff that can easily be played in the clubs.  There's no doubt that times have changed and the focus on what sells has shifted. (I guess this can apply to all music in general right now...)

Don't get me wrong, Hip Hop is in a good place right now, but there are a few things I believe it lacks.  It seems as though the culture is now very clique-like with teams like MMG, Young Money, TDE, etc.  I sense a lack of unison between artists except for inside their own camps.  I also feel that the current state of Hip Hop lacks patience.  We live in an age of mixtapes and new music every week and a guaranteed leak for every album.  Nowadays, it's takes 1 click to get a hold of music; the anticipation and excitement isn't as extreme because it's so easily attainable.

Social media is another aspect that has changed the way hip hop music is created, marketed and sold.  Now it is incredibly cheap and easy to produce a beat via iphone app, market yourself through twitter or facebook and post videos on YouTube to gain a following.  There is even the reality TV platform that allows artists the ability to gain an audience. Of course all of these require hard work, but the process is so simplified in comparison to years back.

There is one major thing that I am glad has happened to hip hop music and that is the independent artist route.  Being an independent artist is at an all time high and giving these people the freedom to make moves how they want, market themselves how they want and give complete creative control throughout every process.  It's a beautiful thing!

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to my thoughts about this topic, but I thought I'd share a few opinions to help liberate my mind.

Change is inevitable, I do know that, but watching the transition is crazy...

Time for me to go to bed and keep the rest of my thoughts to myself... Good night!


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