Dec 11, 2013

Christmas Gifts For The Hip Hop Head

Ever wonder what to get your friend or family member that LOVES hip hop for Christmas? Well, here are a few suggestions that are bound to make them happy!

The Wu-Tang Manual & The Tao Of Wu

Both very interesting and not only detail the deeper meaning behind the Wu and it's members, but also philosophical knowledge that can be helpful to anyone's life.

 This book is extremely informative and breaks down the history of hip hop.

Written by the legendary emcee, KRS-1.  This book explains hip hop culture in the form of a bible.  A very cool and unique way to read up on hip hop history. 

This books traces back to the beginning of Hip Hop and follows details the evolving years in timeline format.  Really fun and interesting!

Concert Tickets
A pair of tickets to an upcomming show of one of their favorite artists is a sure shot!! You can't go wrong with this idea!

Hip Hop heads love to listen to music..LOL obviously...a good quality pair of headphones is always a great idea.  There's nothing wrong with having multiple pairs either!

The most famous headphones in hip hop. 
Another brand of headphones that are cheaper than beats, but still have great quality. Comes in various different colorways as well.

Timberland Boots
Hip Hop heads love some all-weather classics like these!  If they don't then they don't love hip hop! Sike, but really...timbs are big right now especially.  Great for men, woman & kids!

iTunes Giftcard
It's hard to figure out what albums someone already knows unless you live with them or something so giving a itunes giftcard enables them to download the music they want/need.  No worries here!

Magazine Subscriptions:


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