Dec 10, 2013


In this collaboration Jeff Staple details his traveling process with Herschel products. If you appreciate organization and love to jetset, you will enjoy this video. Haha!

JEFFSTAPLE for HERSCHEL SUPPLY COMPANY. from jeffstaple on Vimeo.

Taken from JeffStaple Vimeo
Travel has always been an integral part of design inspiration for both jeffstaple and the Herschel Supply Company. Influenced by the lifestyle of the wayfaring individual, The Knowmatic Kit represents the perfect product for hours in airports, weeks in hotels and months on the road.
Jeff Ng, aka jeffstaple is the Creative Director of Staple Design, Staple Clothing and Reed Space. With his hands in just about everything creative and never in one place for long, it's safe to say that jeffstaple has traveling down to an exact science.
By combining jeffstaple’s travel-minded customizations with Herschel Supply’s trusted design elements, this capsule collection truly adopts a very personal approach to the art of travel.

For jeff, the experience of being on the road or in the air is often more comfortable than being at home. The Knowmatic Kit evokes the ‘nomadic’ lifestyle of the perpetual traveler whilst referring to an enlightened approach to travel, with the key being efficiency. The three piece set sees jeffstaple’s fine tuned wishlist of travel essentials come to fruition in a hybrid of purpose built functionality from Herschel Supply and seasonal prints from jeffstaple.

Featuring classic Herschel Supply silhouettes, the Knowmatic Kit includes the Campaign Wheelie Bag, the Heritage Plus Backpack and the Chapter Dopp Kit case. All three bags incorporate a Pigeon Camouflage motif from Staple’s apparel collection as well as the custom Pigeon print liner.

The Knowmatic Kit will be available starting September 12th, 2013 worldwide at select Staple retailers & Reed Space.


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