Apr 11, 2014

Happy Friday [LIFE]

#selfie like whaaat
Wusssup world! It's been damn near half a year since I've created a more "personal" post a.k.a. the "life" portion of my blog's name and it feels nice!

To be honest, I have no idea what to write about, but I'm gonna wing it and see if I can keep your attention! Ha!

First off, HAPPY FRIDAY!

The craziest shit just happened to me. As I'm typing this, I feel a crumb at the top of my lip. I'm so focused in my writing that I casually shake my nose and allow the crumb to slip and without even knowing it, I eat that damn crumb. Normally, that don't mean sh*t, but I noticed that this crumb tasted like a Cheez-It. You're probably wondering where I'm going with this, but the only thing I've eaten at all today (it's now 9:54am) is fruit! I haven't touched a Cheez-It in months! So now I am trying to figure out how in the hell a crumb that tastes like a Cheez-It got on my f*cking lip! I've just been sitting here at my work desk for hours so WTF? LOL I know Cheez-Its ain't falling from the ceiling!

My big boy...7 years old!

 OK, any ways!

Outside of the Internet world I'm a wife, mother and full time employee. Finding time to balance life with family, friends and personal interests is mad hard, but I love it! Thankfully, when it comes to this blog I'm never demotivated because there is so much constant movement within the music industry. It's a beautiful thing to find something you truly love to do.

I envision this blog to grow into something amazing and will hard work towards it, but whether or not I succeed, I can be satisfied with the work and effort I've put into it.

And now...to close out my post with positivity and the theme for tonight...360's feel good anthem, "Nightlife".

"It's Friday night and I just got paid"


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