Oct 10, 2013

CSILT (Crazy Shit I Learned Today) 10.10.13

• The government is STILL closed due to House Republications not tryna cooperate for shit! Looks like no changes are gonna happen until Obama agrees to raise the debt ceiling. The Congress is ridiculous for thinking they’re gonna fail even before they try with this health plan/funding for 2014. SMH

• EVERYONE can now search for you and find you on FACEBOOK…can’t hide from nobody now lol…peep this article: click

• Chris Cox, a regular dude from South Carolina decided to mow the lawn and take out the trash outside the Lincoln Memorial in DC since no one else was gonna do it! He QUOTES: The building behind me serves as a moral compass, not only for our country but for the world. And over my dead body are we going to find trash pouring out of these trash cans

• A Red Lobster waitress received a $10,000 after posting up a picture of a RACIST receipt(n*gger is blurred) she received from a customer (yesterday’s news but I only found out today lol)


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