Oct 17, 2013

C.S.I.L.T. (crazy shit I learned today) 10.17.13

EVIL: A 10 year old deaf & mute girl was kidnapped, worked as a slave, kept in a cellar and repeatedly raped until her 20’s! WTF! More

A teen in NYC was walking around with remains of a fetus...A teen in an NYC Victoria's Secret was stopped for suspected shop lifting and found to be carrying remains of a BABY she delivered a day before. According to the teen she didn't know what to do with the remains and it wasn't clear if the fetus was dead or alive when delivered. Whooaaaaaaaa man...more HERE

Government shutdown update: a temporary agreement has been made between The President and the Republican Party; the government will be funded through Jan. 15 and lift the debt limit through Feb. 7. All this at the expense of the people and our money. It’s nice to know that people in The White House can’t even get along and they’re the ones running the country. It’s also GREAT to know that the money lost on this shutdown bullshit would’ve been enough to fund the first year of Obama Care. More

Oreos are as addictive as crack. I mean, I love me some Oreos and I know they are hella good, but a study was done on lab rats and it’s official! LOL more


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