Oct 17, 2013


The best female rappers/emcees/lyricists in my eyes. Each have inspired me to rap and shine as the dopest Queens in this game! I won't lie, I'm a little bias, but the skill level in the late 80s into the early 2000's was in a whole nother league. I feel like nowadays there is way too much focus on sex appeal and trends. I'm no old head, but back then female rappers could collaborate on music (Ladies Night, Fighting Temptations) now we see more beef than sportsmanship. I got a lot to say, but I'll save that for another post. Enjoy these cuts from some of my favorites!

Left Eye

The reason I started rapping was because of this woman. Her verse off of "what about your friends" was the first verse I ever tried to rap. I liked her style better when she was with TLC, but nevertheless she was always nice with it!

Jean Grae
The "Attack of The Attacking" album inspired me like crazy because her flow was raw, not some pretty type rapping if you know what I mean.

Ladybug Mecca (former member of digable planets)
I like to call her style "sweet & sour" because her voice is soft and gentle, but her lyrical content is total opposite.

One of the most distinctive voices in the game. I remember hearing Bahamadia on Soundbombing and becoming an instant fan.

MC Lyte
OG. Always consistent.

Da Brat
Another lyricist that keeps it consistent. Her delivery is crazy.

Foxy Brown & Lil Kim

I'm listing these two together because my views are the same on both. Dope as fuck when they were out, fizzled out of the current, but will always be respected and knowed as OGs.

Backed by one of greatest producers, 9th Wonder. Rapsody is closet to that level of female lyricism I felt back in the day. Straight spitting, no gimics.

Snow Tha Product
Another dope female rapper. Her music is lil more pop influenced(IMO), but her delivery is nice and she can spit.

I feel like EVE is often overlooked. when she came out as Ruff Ryder's 1st Lady, she had that grimey eastcoast flow that I love. Her style is different now, but she still got skill.

Lauryn Hill

"The Score" was the 2nd CD I ever bought on my own with my good ol' lunch money. When I heard L Boogie spit for the first time I was in awe and extremely inspired.
When she dropped "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill" I was OBSESSED. I even told myself that I was gonna rap and sing like her too.
Nowadays, I do feel like her style is no longer relatable and I just can't vibe with it. There's no doubt in my mind she has the ability to make some amazing music, but I've yet to hear anything that I could love like I used to. I understand people grow and styles change, but whatever she's evolved into I'm just not feeling it. However, I will always respect her and she will always be one of the greats.

*I also have to mention Nicki Minaj because she's not my favorite, but I gotta give her credit because she's killing and dominating the game. No competition. Nicki's like Drake to me though, I feel that she has mad skill at rapping, but I don't favor the singing/pop/club tracks.


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