Jan 20, 2015

Realest Sh*t I Ever Wrote [Part 1]

Remember to never lose sight of what makes you happy.  Never forget what brought you joy throughout the years.  The second you allow your happiness to be reliant on someone else is the second you are playing yourself!  You are giving someone else a power that only YOU are supposed to be in control of.  It's OK to feel remorseful if you have done something wrong, and in all honestly you should.  But to let that disappointment beat you down into a person you can't even recognize is going too far.  You cannot let yourself become that weak; it's just not worth it.  Look at your situation from a 3rd person perspective and tell yourself exactly what you think you should do as an outsider looking in.  At that point, follow your own advice, I can gaurantee you will be right.

To music: to my first love, hip hop...I've lost track of how happy you make me!  I'm rediscovering the beauty of your art and have lots of catching up to do!


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